Strange and lovely lowercase 'g'. Who knew?

Strange and lovely lowercase 'g'. Who knew?

Hi, Iā€™m Sarah.  Right now, I am a student at the Institute of Design in Chicago learning to prototype, research, and appreciate the small things that make design like the strange loveliness of a lowercase ā€˜g.ā€™

I grew up in Tucson and have bounced all over the United States. I went to Smith College for my BA in sociology. Later, I came to Chicago for a Masters of Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where I focused on textiles and performance art. 

Throughout my winding path there has always been a theme of expressing ideas, solving problems and a passion for making new things. I have explored careers in medicine, politics, education and art and I bring those diverse perspectives to any new problem I come across. In design, I have found the perfect arena to make use of my experience, training and curiosity about the world.

My wife and I live in Evanston in a 1950s Cape Cod, our home and ongoing project, with our three dogs Grendel, Gertie and Oscar.

Thank you for stopping by.